We are PET CROSS. We bring you PIB.

Beer drinking = life saving? That beer you drank at our festival last year? It helped improve hundreds of lives and save a few more. Most beerfest goers probably weren’t even aware of it, but job well done.

Since 2001 PET CROSS & PIB have been making a difference in the Portland area. Each year we play "Animal Santa", gifting monetary donations to the best the local animal welfare groups we can find.

Our criteria for donating is simple: Bang for the buck. Whoever can do the most good with our donations gets them.

We search hard to find groups that are the most in-it-to-win-it. The best candidates are often run on low operating budgets and with the help of many volunteers. You could be one of them. You should be. We provide free booths for these groups at our events. Go talk to them, kiss a puppy, pet a kitten, and find out more.

Their efforts mean each dollar we donate goes farther and that translates to more animals getting the help they need. From rescues, to adoptions, to sponsoring free spay & neuter clinics, to building new feral cat shelters, you name it, together with your strong liver we can continue to save lives and make a difference. Keep up the good work. Salut, kanpai, skål, and cheers.

Local Oregon groups we (you) currently support:
Indigo Rescue  |   FCCO (Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon)
Oregon Spay Neuter Fund   |   Animal Aid