General Information

2015 DATES AND TIMES Return to top of page
Fri June 26, 12pm-10pm
Sat June 27, 12pm-10pm
Sun June 28, 12pm-7pm
COST Return to top of page
- includes official PIB glass & 10 beer tickets
- More tickets available for $1 each
- Beers are 4oz. servings
- Beers cost 1 to 7 tickets, depending on how much it costs us.
- Prices are NOT based on rarity.
- There are dozens of 1 ticket beers. Usually over 50.
Re-Entry Policy Return to top of page
- Free re-entry: COME BACK ALL WEEKEND
- must have glass & wristband. NO EXCEPTIONS
Fair Warning Return to top of page
With this many great beers,
- It's hard to keep all these great beers in stock throughout the weekend.
- Please come early to avoid missing out on the Best of the Fest.
- Selections may be limited at times
- There are no refunds for unused tickets.
- If we are out of your favorite beer, it is most likely because Jack Hooley drank it all.
Damn Good Food: Return to top of page
Not-your-average-beerfest food. PIB 2014 will have serious pub grub of many kinds, a HUGE increase thanks to our new larger space. Please check back as we update our list.
Free stuff! Return to top of page
Darts (real darts), backgammon, checkers/chess,
and other pub games are available for free